Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good Morning Jack!

Well, the other morning I shot a short video of my efforts to wake Jack up for school on my new iPhone. Apparently I did not understand that Jack was not ready to get up for school, so Jack had to make a point..... I am seriously considering sending this to America's Funniest Home Videos. I am afraid to think how this scenario will be playing out for me in 10 years. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nutcracker Dance

Today was Kaylyn's last dance class before the holiday break. As a surprise, Ms. Melissa had them perform 2 numbers for the parents and then the girls had a cupcake party before class ended. Kaylyn LOVES her ballet/tap class!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Portraits

Our annual family portraits were taken at Portrait Innovations last week.

Donuts with Dad

Last week Palmer Elementary had a Donuts with Dad event . It started at 7am and Brian had been dreading the day for 2 weeks. He kept saying to me, there is no way I am going to be able to get up that early and go with the 2 of them to that. But we know from past experience that Kaylyn has the memory of an elephant and is very aware of all school events and their dates. After listening to Brian complain about not wanting to get up early and go for 2 weeks, I finally said the night before – just tell her you all aren’t going to go because it’s too early. She’ll be disappointed, but she’ll recover from it. It’s not like he hasn’t taken her to every single event at school this year (even when I am at work and he has to take them by himself). Well, I go to work that morning and check Facebook when I have a moment and what do I find?? Pictures from Donuts with Dad…..Brian is such a good daddy, I knew he would take her!

Visiting Saint Nick

Well, I can’t sleep so I am posting several separate posts about recent events since I am so behind on my blog. Here are the kid’s Santa Pictures. We took them at First Colony mall the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We had just seen Tangled at the movie theater. The kids were having a great day and were excited to see Santa. Kaylyn went first to show Jack how it’s done. She had brought her own handwritten wish list (off the Toys R Us catalog). Her and Santa read it together before their picture was taken. The list comprised of Moon Dough Pizza, Playdough Presto Dots, Crayola markers, and Moon Sand. Such an easy girl to please – she really doesn’t ask for much! Jack also got to spend quality time with Saint Nick. They sat together for a couple of minutes talking before their picture. I have no idea what they discussed.

Dancing Queen

Kaylyn loves to sing and the other day Brian heard her singing a new song to herself. He had no idea what song it was, but could only make out the lyrics "Party in the USA". He looked it up in iTunes and found out that it is a Miley Cyrus song. We didn't know where she had learned this song, but my best guess was that she learned it at school (since she learned the macarena there already!) The next day, Brian played the song he had downloaded on iTunes while Kaylyn was playing on her computer. She immediately started head-bobbing and moving to the beat in her chair, and eventually got up to dance. Brian then played it for her the next night and caught the new dance moves on the Flip. LOL - She's already so grown up! I guess we've entered the Hannah Montana stage....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brian's Video Documentary

Recently Brian finished working on a film/photo/video documentary piece of his life so far. It moved me to tears, especially the parts about the births of our children. It is beautifully done and so I want to share it with everyone. He chose music from the LOST soundtrack and I think it suits the video perfectly. Enjoy, and if you want to leave him feedback, click here to go to his genealogy pwebsite and leave a comment.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Ballet

This past Saturday was Kaylyn's first performance with her ballet class from Sugar Land Dance Center at the Pumpkin Patch and Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Sugar Land. Above is the video I took on the Flip camera.
Afterwards, the kids played on the playground. Jack dressed up in costume for the occasion. Click here to see some of the photos that I took.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Frantic Fall Fun

Below is an assortment of video clips from the recent goings-on. I have been so busy with the kids and their activities and work (we had our EPIC go-live this week) that I have not been posting regularly. I am trying to catch up now...

This first clip is of Jack doing his stretches at gymnastics class. He used to have melt-downs and insist on my being on the mat with him. The coach told us that we needed to physically leave the building for a few classes until he got used to being in class without us visible. This week we stayed for the first time in a month. He didn't even look at us once the whole class. He's getting so good and following directions!!

This clip is from Kaylyn's ballet/tap class. They are wearing their costume tutus for a practice run of their Pumpkin Patch dance. Kaylyn's class has been invited to perform at Holy Cross Episcopal Church Pumpkin Patch event on Saturday, October 30th. Anyone who is interested is invited to come watch! I think the performance is at 3:30pm. I will post more details at the date gets closer.

This final video clip is from my dad's birthday dinner at my parent's house. Kaylyn had baked a chocolate cake with minimal help from her dad. She even cracked the eggs by herself (no shells in the cake!). She then frosted it with white icing and her brother helped decorate it with sprinkles. We all sang happy birthday and had cake after dinner.