Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cutie Patootie

Well, here is the latest picture of my baby boy, fresh out of his bath. He will hate me when he's older for taking this picture, but how could I resist? Jack is growing well and loves to sleep on his tummy. I predict that he'll be walking and talking sooner than Kaylyn did. She's been busy teaching him everything he needs to know. Check out the most recent pictures of the kids here.

Kaylyn's Birthday

Well, Kaylyn is 3 years old!!! Where has the time gone?? She had her birthday party a week early at the Houston Zoo. It was a little bit expensive, but the kids had a great time and we would have spent the same amount of money having it at home. She continued to celebrate her birthday WEEK by getting a visit from Nia for a special present delivery, visiting Nia and Papa in Lufkin and having a Dora fiesta, then visiting her grandpa and grandma the next day to receive more gifts. She's going to think she's supposed to get gifts everyday if this keeps up. See pictures from the birthday festivities here.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wonderful Mother's Day

Well, it was a great Mother's Day even though I had to work. Brian brought my two babies up to the hospital to see me. Kaylyn arrived at the triage desk with a dozen roses and when she saw me said, "Hi Mommy, I love you!". This was met by a chorus of "awwwwwwww.....!" from co-workers and patient family members in the waiting room. Everyone told me numerous times how beautiful my children are and I agreed with them ;) I was lucky....they were on their best behavior. Kaylyn charmed with her curls and cute personality. Jack grinned at anyone who would look his direction. When I came home I got to open gifts and my parents and sister stopped by to drop off more presents and cards. Everyone was so thoughtful! For any of my friends or family who are mother's; if I did not get to talk to you yesterday: "Happy Mother's Day!" I hope everyone had as wonderful a day as I did.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Attention All Cat Lovers....

Okay all of my cat-loving friends, this is for you. Actually, anyone who has spent any significant time around a cat before can appreciate the humor of this video. Check out the video I saw on one of my podcasts from

Friday, May 9, 2008

Roll Over! Roll Over!

Well, Jack is mobile! A few days ago he rolled himself right onto his tummy. Now he rolls himself over every time you put him down and does tummy time whenever he wants to. Then he cries when he's ready to roll back - he can't go the other way yet. For those of you not familiar with the song- the title of this post comes from the Ten Bears in the Bed.

There were 10 in the bed,
and the little one said
"Roll over, roll over"
So they all rolled over
and one fell out!
There were 9 in the bed
and the little one said.... (you get the point)