Thursday, September 18, 2008

Riding out the Storm

Here's a picture of part of the rideout team for the Emergency Center before Ike. The winds were starting to pick up already on Friday afternoon and we were playing around outside enjoying the fresh air before the hospital went on lockdown (they called it "tuck-in") procedures. I was assigned as 1 of 2 charge nurses on the unit for the dayshift for the duration of the rideout team's assignment. We were given the TCH version of "MRE's". They tasted like cardboard. We also slept in various clinic offices while night shift was working. We had one shower on our floor to share between about 50 people. We were told to take "military showers" which meant 2 minutes, choose what you wash, we don't want to know. My good friend Kenya and I were roomies. We shared a sound booth room that they use for hearing tests as our sleeping quarters (see below). The day of the storm and the day after were definitely more stressful because everyone was now thinking of their families and homes and wondering how bad it really was. We all came through it safe and sound. My prayers to everyone who has been affected by this storm. More pictures here.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take a Hike, Ike

Well, for all my friends and family who can get to a computer and read this, here's an update. I am still at work waiting for the relief team to be called in. I have been sleeping on air mattresses and army cots. Kenya is my roomie and we've been sleeping in an sound booth that they use for hearing tests. We are allowed to take showers in "military time" (2 minutes). We were told to choose what we wash, they won't dictate. We can't drink the water or use the ice. My husband drove home from College Station today. We have some roof leakage and fence problems, but otherwise we weathered much better than others. He's still waiting for the electricity to come on. My parents and sister are also safe with roof damage to their house. They also have no electricity. The kids are in Lufkin with Brian's parents. They are on generator power and are safe. I can't get in contact with any of my other family members, so if you read this please post comments to let me know how you are. I pray that everyone is safe. Pictures will come later when I can get back into my computer at home. Everyone, take care!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Look at all that hair!!!

Brian caught a shot of Kaylyn with a bouffant of curls the other day. Her hair is out of control!!! She has the perfect spiral curls that I always wanted as a young girl. Ironically enough, she will probably grow up to hate her hair and wish it were straight! The grass is always greener....

Well, click here and check out other random pictures of the family hanging out at home and running around town.

Dance Like No One's Watching...

Well, it's been a hectic couple of weeks, but finally I am able to get on the computer and post something! No news to report, so I am just going to post cute pictures and videos of the kids. They make me laugh and smile. Hope they do the same for you! This video is of Kaylyn. I caught her doing her Care Bears Wish Song routine in front of the piano so that she could see herself in her reflection. She didn't know I was taping her at first.

This is a video of Jack playing on the floor. Hear him growl at his toy as he attacks it with his teeth. I call it his hungry bear imitation.