Monday, August 4, 2008

Tropical Storm Edouard Mayhem


I just got back from the grocery store. I was doing my usual weekly shopping with a few added items to prepare for T.S. Eduoard as he bears down on the Texas coast. Kroger was a complete MADHOUSE! There was barely any room in the store to maneuver a cart, and you better get in line if you are planning on buying bottled water or batteries. Oh, and don't forget the line that wraps around the parking lot for gasoline. Thankfully, I filled up the tank yesterday. Every check-out line was open (I've never seen that....) and they all had lines 5-6 carts deep. The parking lot looked even worse when I left. To top off all that mayhem, I received a call from work while I was shopping. We are on CARLA alert (that means emergency preparedness plan is in effect) and I am required to be there at 5 am tomorrow morning with extra clothes, a blanket and a pillow in hand. I plan to be there with a big smile on my face and a LARGE cup of coffee. I wonder if Starbucks will remain open across the street tomorrow..... Stay tuned for an update on my adventures at TCH tomorrow.

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