Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take a Hike, Ike

Well, for all my friends and family who can get to a computer and read this, here's an update. I am still at work waiting for the relief team to be called in. I have been sleeping on air mattresses and army cots. Kenya is my roomie and we've been sleeping in an sound booth that they use for hearing tests. We are allowed to take showers in "military time" (2 minutes). We were told to choose what we wash, they won't dictate. We can't drink the water or use the ice. My husband drove home from College Station today. We have some roof leakage and fence problems, but otherwise we weathered much better than others. He's still waiting for the electricity to come on. My parents and sister are also safe with roof damage to their house. They also have no electricity. The kids are in Lufkin with Brian's parents. They are on generator power and are safe. I can't get in contact with any of my other family members, so if you read this please post comments to let me know how you are. I pray that everyone is safe. Pictures will come later when I can get back into my computer at home. Everyone, take care!

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