Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Disney pics and LASIK news

Okay, for those of you who have been waiting to see the Disney Photopass pictures, click here. Brian was so good to me that he uploaded them to Flickr while I was at work last week. Sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

On a side note, I finally had my LASIK procedure done yesterday. Thank goodness because 2 weeks in my coke bottle glasses was starting to feel like an eternity. Good news, at my post-op follow-up appointment this morning, my vision was 20/15!! I am still having a little bit of intermittent blurriness. It usually means I need eye drops. I'm so excited and happy about the results. I'm also pretty amazed....I mean I could read the street signs on the way home from the procedure. Never could do that before without my contacts/glasses. On my to-do list today....clean out all the contact solution bottles and lens cases out of my medicine cabinet! YAY!!

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