Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kaylyn's First Fishing Trip

Kaylyn and Jack went for their second visit of the summer to Nia and Papa's house. We started off with dinner Thursday night at Cafe Del Rio. Kaylyn ate quesadillas, chips, and tortillas with squeeze butter and honey. Our pediatrician would be proud of her nutritious meal ;) Friday we went and saw Toy Story 3 at the Lufkin Mall movie theatre. The crowd was well-behaved, the kids were well-behaved, and we enjoyed the movie. I even had unexpected tears at the end...who would've thought that a cartoon movie about toys would be so sentimental? Friday night, Brian and I headed back to Houston since we both had to work on Saturday. Saturday morning Kaylyn went fishing with her Papa, Uncle Scott, and a family friend. I've been told that she caught 2 fish and handled the minnows like a pro. I'm so proud!! See a video of her fishing trip HERE. Later in the afternoon, Kaylyn went to see Shrek Forever After with Nia while Jack hung out at the house with Papa and Uncle Scott. Sounds like they had an eventful weekend full of movies, crafts, and outdoor activities. I hope they're thoroughly worn out and go to bed without a sound tonight!!

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