Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Visiting Saint Nick

Well, I can’t sleep so I am posting several separate posts about recent events since I am so behind on my blog. Here are the kid’s Santa Pictures. We took them at First Colony mall the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We had just seen Tangled at the movie theater. The kids were having a great day and were excited to see Santa. Kaylyn went first to show Jack how it’s done. She had brought her own handwritten wish list (off the Toys R Us catalog). Her and Santa read it together before their picture was taken. The list comprised of Moon Dough Pizza, Playdough Presto Dots, Crayola markers, and Moon Sand. Such an easy girl to please – she really doesn’t ask for much! Jack also got to spend quality time with Saint Nick. They sat together for a couple of minutes talking before their picture. I have no idea what they discussed.

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