Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Aquarium Blues

Well, I'm very behind on my blogging, so I will start off with our trip to The Aquarium Downtown a week and a half ago. If you haven't been, DON'T GO!! I was very disappointed with our visit. The Aquarium complex is nice to look at and is a wonderful idea, but not worth the money you spend. We had lunch at the restaurant first. It took 3 hostesses and a ten minute conversation to figure where to seat us in a dining room of 20+ empty tables. We had to ask for a highchair 3 times. The food was not bad, but was not good either and way too expensive for what it was. Kaylyn's hamburger tasted like the kind I used to get at my elementary school cafeteria. The Aquarium itself was cool, nicely decorated and good exhibits, but very short. We went on a train ride into the shark tunnel and then took a couple of rides on the carousel and one and two hours and $100 later we were done. We all left disappointed and with a mild case of heat stroke. At least we got some cute pictures.

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