Sunday, July 13, 2008

We are Care Bears..La La La La La

Well, we've discovered that Kaylyn is just like her daddy. When she decides that she wants to get into something new, she goes all the way. Her latest craze is the Care Bears. I think it's great because I loved the Care Bears when I was younger. I already know all about them! So far Kaylyn has managed to get those near and dear to her to buy her: Cheer Bear (rainbow belly badge), Grumpy Bear (cloud), Care-a-Lot Bear(2 hearts), Funshine Bear (sun), Oopsy Bear (star), and the silver anniversary Tenderheart Bear. She has also picked 4 DVD's. Her favorite is Care Bears Big Wish Movie. She is currently asking for Care Bears shirts, cups, and shoes. I think I'm going to make her a Care Bear for Halloween. Maybe we should just be a Care Bear family?


Scott said...

Don't forget she has Bedtime Bear!

Chris said...

I ordered PaPa a Care Bear Cake for his birthday. Really.

Charlyn said...

NICE, please take a picture! Well, since this post she has acquired Share Bear and True Heart bear. Soon we will need a new house for the Care Bears to live in!