Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Activities

Well, I worked on Thanksgiving Day. It was a typical Thanksgiving Day in the EC, nice and slow. We had a potluck luncheon and I brought a baked ham, cheese potatoes, and Oreo Cookie Pudding Dessert. All the food was eaten up quickly. After I got off work I had to drive to Brian's job and switch out the cars (car for minivan) and wish him a quick "Happy Thanksgiving" so that I could take the kids to a Thanksgiving dinner party we were invited to. We went to the Casipes house for a late dinner and the kids had fun as usual. Friday afternoon Brian, the kids and I drove to Lufkin to see Mike and Chris. We had spinach dip and hamburgers for dinner. Saturday, Scott and Kathleen arrived and Chris prepared a nice traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, dressing, green beans and pecan pie! Yummy! That afternoon Kathleen and I watched New Moon at the nearby movie theater while Chris and Kaylyn went on a shopping spree. Unfortunately, I was too distracted to remember to bring a camera to the Casipes house. But, we took lots of great pictures in Lufkin, including a few family photos using the time delay on my new camera. Click here to see more pictures.

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