Monday, February 22, 2010

Potty Song

Brian has been busy converting all of our VHS videos into digital video files. We've been having lots of fun seeing videos of Brian when he was younger. We are having even more fun watching video of Kaylyn when she as younger. Here is a clip where she is just a little bit older than Jack is now. Brian is trying to get her to sing the song that plays on her fancy potty. (We're in the midst of potty-training) All he gets is an echo....a pretty funny echo at that. Stay tuned for more video clips as we continue to discover all those funny clips we have forgotten about. I can't wait to get hold of the VHS tapes at my parents house. Then we can add "young" Charlyn to the collection.


Brian Davis said...

At first she's saying "Beach Party", as in Mickey Mouse Beach Party Sing-a-Long DVD. Pretty funny video.

Chris said...

How cute! I was laughing out loud. Also, Brian's camera work is lacking.....too many shots of the potty and not enough of Kaylyn...ha!