Saturday, February 13, 2010

School Projects

Kaylyn had a project for school for Black History Month. It was to be a "family activity" in which she chose a person to do a poster presentation on. Kaylyn did her poster on Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, a prominent black surgeon in the Chicago area in the 1890's. He is most well-known for founding the Provident Hospital and Nurse Training School in Chicago. He was also a pioneer in surgery. He once saved a man's life when he performed a brand new technique to repair a stab wound to the heart. As Kaylyn presented it to her class...."This Dr. Williams and he fixed people's broken hearts." I thought it was adorable! And it went well with the Valentine theme this week. Afterwards, her class had a Valentine pizza party with cupcakes and cookies for dessert. Kaylyn came home with an overflowing box of cards from her friends.

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