Sunday, April 6, 2008

Texas Bluebonnet "Whine" Trail

Well, last Thursday Brian and I had the brilliant idea of taking a road trip to see the bluebonnets in bloom. We wanted to take the ever-popular "kids in the bluebonnets" pictures for future scrapbooks and such. Brian printed out the Texas Bluebonnet Wine Trail that outlined scenic highways where we were sure to see the popular blooms alongside a few local wineries. His hopes were that I could sample a few wines and take a few bottles home to enjoy in addition to the Kodak moments we were hoping to have. Three hours into the trip we had seen plenty of bluebonnets - all in areas we could not physically get to without knocking down a fence, introducing ourselves to the local cattle, and/or getting run over by traffic. Needless to say, we gave up and went to College Station to reminisce. By then, Kaylyn had had enough and was in full-blown whine mode. Jack would sleep off and on and occasionally fuss, but he actually did really well.'s a picture of the master whiner sitting by the fountain next to the MSC on campus. This was one of very few whine-free moments.

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