Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday Night Programming

Well, as much as I miss my family, it was kind of nice watching my Tuesday night shows without crying babies, chatty toddlers or grumpy husbands to interrupt.

Biggest Loser - I love this show and what it has done for so many people, but I have never seen so many grown men cry so much in my life! Can we have 5 minutes without an emotional breakdown?? Sorry to see Jay go, but go GIRL POWER!! I am cheering for Ali all the way. She looks amazing and worked so hard to get that way.

American Idol - Didn't think I would like the Dolly Parton episode so much, but I enjoyed it more than I'd like to admit. I don't think Simon Cowell enjoyed it so much. What crawled up his rear end?

I absolutely LOVED Michael's performance...he's back! Didn't like Syesha's performance, second to last note held a little too looooooooong. Archuleta and Smithson were pretty good too. Not a big fan of Carly's so the wardrobe bashing by Simon was probably the most interesting portion of the night. By the way, why is Kristy Lee Cook still there?? Just wondering.

I think I'll wait to watch the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen with Brian since that is the one show we have always watched together. Can't wait Chef Ramsay, I've missed you!


Brian said...

Are you sure you want to watch Hell's Kitchen with someone who is so grumpy? Maybe you can clean the house next time.

Charlyn said...

I was merely pointing out the grumpiness directly related to the crying baby and chatty toddler. Thank you for cleaning the house. You're wonderful even when you're grumpy!

Scott said...

Dude, this comment didn't make you seem any less grumpy.