Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There he goes....

Well, Jack is now an expert "scoocher". He doesn't seem like he wants to crawl on his hands and knees like most babies. He prefers to use the elbow/tummy/toes method. He seems happy as long as he can get around and he's very fast. The other night I was giving Kaylyn and bath. I went to check on Jack in the living room and he had managed to scooch himself all the way under the piano bench at the front door!

Kaylyn acts more and more grown up by the day. She says the funniest things. My favorite phrases are: 1. "No Mommy/Daddy, you don't understand!" 2. "Wow Mommy/Daddy! It's beautiful (or wonderful)!!" 3. "Good morning, handsome!" (to Jack when he wakes up) Jack seems to enjoy her company. He especially thinks its funny when she's having a mini-meltdown and crying. He smiles and laughs at her...which makes her more mad.

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