Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Well, Kaylyn's birthday is off to a grand start. First, a birthday dinner at Chuy's in The Woodlands on Monday night with Nia and Papa. We had dinner and cupcakes. Then Kaylyn opened gifts. She got a personally engraved Disney snowglobe in a birthday theme. She also got a Disney Girl doll (Disney's version of an American Girl doll) along with a Belle outfit and a Tinkerbell outfit. Very cute!

On Tuesday Brian brought a purple butterfly cupcake cake to Kaylyn's school. We left one of our cameras with her teacher, Ms. Liz. They took pictures for us while her classmates sang Happy Birthday to her. I'm sure she loved it!

Then, Tuesday afternoon, Uncle Scott met Brian and the kids at Chuck E. Cheese. They had pizza and played games for 2 1/2 hours. Of course Kaylyn and Jack didn't really care about the pizza, they just wanted to play! Kaylyn got a really cool Ni-Hao Kailan Lego set from Uncle Scott and Aunt Kathleen.

Finally, when I got home from work, Brian had decorated the house and Kaylyn got to open gifts and have birthday cake. She got her long-awaited Ladybug Pillow Pet. She also got a soccer ball, Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop and Prince Naveen doll. To top off the day, we watched "Today's Birthdays" on the Sunnyside Up Show on Sprout and the card that I had made several weeks ago made it onto the show. Kaylyn was so excited that Chica got her birthday card and that her picture was on TV. What a lucky girl!!

To see pictures click on the various links below.

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