Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kaytee and Joshua Can Dance

Well, Kaytee and Joshua were my favorites again this week. Check out their routine here. Tyce Diorio's broadway routines are always great and K&J killed it. I also really liked the hip-hop routine that Will and Jessica did. The judges got it right and I think it was time for Marquis and Susie to go. They weren't doing anything for me at all. I really could have done without the Kobe Bryant butt-kissing Nigel used in his metaphor for the eliminated dancers. Others that I would like to stick around would be "Twitchington", Will, Courtney G, Gev, and Chelsea T.

On an added note, the MTV show Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew has a dance crew from Houston that is all FLIPs. 3 members are children of nurses at TCH. Cool! I'll be watching them as well.


Myclette said...

I love Kaytee and Josua. They are my favorite couple BY FAR. I love Will by himself. I am pissed about the elimination this week. I am so not a fan of Kourtni and I absolutely hated their routine. The judges seem to absolutely love Kourtni and I don't understand why.

Charlyn said...

Yeah, not a big fan of Kortni either.