Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sweating bullets

Well, last Wednesday I had my panel interviews for the charge RN position that has opened up. I haven't been in a panel interview since 1998! I was working that day so at least I did not have to worry about what to wear. Talk about intense!! I was first interviewed with the leadership panel which included 4 managers and a unit educator. I was asked what I thought "shared accountability" was. Yikes! Then, after that I was asked to sit through an interview with a staff panel: a secreatary, patient care assitant, 2 current charge RN's and 2 staff RN's. Not only that, but I was candidate 10 of 10 to be interviewed so they had been doing this all day. I guess they saved the best for last??;o)

Well, hopefully I will have the results by Monday or Tuesday. At least afterwards, my manager came and tapped me on the shoulder and handed me that long-anticipated piece of paper that showed me my annual merit increase (my raise). Yeah! Not such a bad day after all.

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