Monday, June 30, 2008


Well, I had a succesful outing with my children to Target, the mall, and then Old Navy. My children were very well behaved the entire outing, especially compared to other children who were out with their parents.

At Target, Kaylyn walked along side the cart without straying once. Then, at the mall she used the "little potty" in the Family Restroom all by herself. (sidenote: I'm very impressed with the convenience and cleaniliness of the family restroom at the mall. it has a child-sized automatic toilet next to the adult sized one, a stepstool to wash your hands at the sink, and a changing table. NICE!)

I finished the outing with both children falling asleep in their carseats. Jack is currently still sleeping in his. I managed to lay Kaylyn down in her own bed without waking her up. This takes an extraordinary amount of talent by the way.

Now, I choose to use my free time to tell all of you about it on my blog! OK, now off to my multiple projects. Hopefully my nice day will continue!

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